About us

Silesian Club of Mineral and Fossil Collectors "AGATE" was established in February 1986 – so we have been collecting and meeting for 17 years. We have almost 20 members and regular, monthly meetings, usually in our houses. Sometimes we organize special meetings such as "Snails dinners", when for which we eat snails collected in quarries or "Fancy-dress balls". As we all learn during the whole life we have speeches about minerals and fossils, sometimes with the video or slides shows. Some of us used to be better students so they are doctors of geology now (Lidka and Wojtek). However the professional geologists are the minority in our Club.

First of all we hunt and collect our treasures: minerals, rocks and fossils, which we store keep in our house collections. The best species are located in our living-rooms, worse in the cellars, attics or in our gardens. As all the collectors know - the most important is not "to catch the rabbit but to chase it", the most important for us is the excitement ecstasy after finding something special and the joy of being together. Our escapades are usually short (1–2 days) but sometimes longer (4 and more days), we explore Poland and our neighbours. Very often we go to the quarries of the Polish Jurassic Park near Cracow or to the Silesian mines, and we still are more delighted by the quarries than gothic cathedrals.

Our favourite drinks are beer and coffee, we love sausages made by in the fire and hot peppers. As we do not want to be only index fossils, we have prepared this website for the posterity and for our joy.